Microsoft Office on Android Tablets

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Are you using Android tablet and even after power of google drive you miss Microsoft Office. Here is a guide for you how to get Microsoft Office Mobile on your Android Tablet.

Microsoft released mobile versions of Office 365, which includes their suite of Mobile Office apps, like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, foriPads and iPhones recently. Users can also get that same suite onmost Android smartphonesin the form of Microsoft Office Mobile, an all-in-one Office app. But that only runs on smartphones. Until Microsoft makes apps for Android tablets, like they did for iPads, users have to install the suite using a workaround.

We found a way to sideload the Microsoft Office Mobile Android app designed for a smartphone onto a tablet, like the Nexus 7, LG G Pad or Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note tablets. We’ll show users how to do this using a couple of free apps. There’s no rooting the phone or hacking the operating system involved.

Notice that Office Mobile isn’t compatible with the Nexus 7 or Galaxy Note 10 tablets.

Notice that Office Mobile isn’t compatible with the Nexus 7 or Galaxy Note 10 tablets.

Before installing Office Mobile, users should know that the Office Mobile app doesn’t cost anything to install for viewing files, but a user must subscribe to Office 365 from Microsoft in order to create and edit files on their Android device. The subscription costs $9.99/month for use on up to five computers and up to 5 mobile devices. People with only one computer and one mobile device can get it for only $6.99/month. Users will get a few other perks, like online OneDrive storage and some monthly Skype calling time. Subscribe at the page.


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