Must Have apps for Samsung Galaxy S5

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Some must have Samsung Galaxy S5 Apps are here, Have you got your S5 now this might help you to get started with Must have apps. 

The pace at which Samsung is going is unimaginable. Within this success, Samsung Galaxy S5 joins the race with its functions and features. The launch of this phone brings a lot of innovative ideas and technology and ofcourse a heavy challenge to the other players in the market.

Reuters File photo of a man trying out Samsung Electronics’ new Galaxy 5 smartphone in Seoul

Though S5 has its own great features but by downloading few free must apps that are available, it enhances the phone exponentially. These key apps are tried and tested and works wonderfully well.

1.      Dynamic Notifications: It is a very clear app that transforms the lock screen on the phone into a message board. When you receive a new notification in terms of SMS, email, or call, an icon lights up the lock screen and information is shown to let you know what the notification is and who the sender is. This allows you to give a quick glance and decide whether the information is urgent, important, and immediate or it can wait till an action takes place.

2.      Milk Music: This app is similar to Pandora, Milk Music allows you to stream customizable radio stations without a fee and without any ads. This will save your money on premium Spotify or Pandora memberships as this is for free with your Samsung purchase. It can be found in the Samsung apps store and it is worth the download. Unfortunately, this app is available only in the US Samsung phone.

3.      Google Keyboard: There are number of users who are complaining about the Samsung keyboards to be tedious and difficult in managing texts. However, with the availability of Google keyboard, life has become a bit easy. It has gesture typing and the predictive text is spontaneous and easy. Once you start using this app, you will come back to it again and again.

4.      Dropbox: This is one app that everybody needs. It allows you to fill it with files and folders of pictures, videos and documents on your phone which are automatically available on your PC, laptop and vice versa. It is easy and free for up to 3GB of storage.

5.      Outlook: The email interface can be disappointing for some. For these people, it is important to download this app as it gives access to it in a way that is very similar to the PC version. It is effortless to set up and makes keeping up with email very easy.

6.       Juice Defender: Although the battery life on the new Galaxy S5 is much better than S4, it is always good to download a fine battery saving app. This app stays on top of all the unwanted programs like navigation bundles, which already comes from the manufacturer. It also has a powerful task manager and operates in the background without interfering or disturbing.

7.      Samsung Chat on: This app is exclusively for Samsung users. It allows you to combine multiple chat programs into one interface. It can even communicate with older non-smartphones and new smartphones at the same time.

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