New tablet round August 2014

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Are you waiting for new iPad 6, iPad Air 2, or iPhone 6 check out what is new in August 2014. Remember September is going to be very exciting month. 



The iPad Air is supremely thin and light.

Thats the point. The iPad Airs simplicity turns it into a blank canvas for all kinds of productive tasks, whether its writing your thoughts in a minimalist text editor, editing movies, or re-touching photos. The best part of iOS is that it gets out of the way and lets you concentrate on what youre doing. Even if youre sticking to your laptop, there are plenty of ways to use the iPad as an additional tool.

One other thing: The iPads ecosystem is unparalleled, not just for apps, but for accessories such as keyboards, styluses, and music recording tools. The trick is to figure out how to bring the iPad into your work routine. Once you do that, its a tough tablet to beat.

Microsofts latest tablet sits on the opposite end of the spectrum from Apples iPad, unashamedly embracing its PC roots. It has a full-size keyboard and a trackpad for precise pointing and selection. The full-size USB slot lets you connect a mouse, an external hard drive or a printer, and theres a pressure-sensitive stylus thrown in for good measure.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 can do just about anything a laptop, and its thinner and lighter than most notebooks.


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