Note 10 or Still Note 9 in 2019

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Note 10 or Still Note 9 in 2019

Well, we all know Samsung is coming with its biggest announcement of the year for Galaxy Note 10. It has to be really offering something special to differentiate it with its flagship smartphones Galaxy S10.

Image result for note 10But if we quickly look at previous year Galaxy Note 9 from 2018 which is quite a good upgrade from Note 8. Bigger battery, liquid cooling, stylish and new functionality in S-Pen and think how we felt about the phone overall it pretty good. So what happens after less than a year to that phone. That’s the same question I ask my self and decide to go for Note 9 instead of to be released Note 10 and there are few major reasons



  • Note 9 is still a very good phone with quite up to date hardware
  • Overall its a very good package to fulfill the checklist of a good smartphone. Good design, decent battery, productivity, and reasonable price.

Yes in 2019 the price of Note 9 has dropped a lot from all the way 1300 USD to might be 500 USD if you work hard to look online for finding the best deals.

So in my point of view Note 9 in 2019 is a very good economical option to enjoy the best of phone 2018 and overall Note series king. Check out the detail specs of Note 9 here.

Last year I did also post a video and reasons that why you should not upgrade to Galaxy Note 9 and here are the major reasons.

It tells us prices for Note 9 in 2018 and drops on those prices of Note 9 in 2019 plays a very important role in decision making for the purchase of Note 9 with a dropped price.


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