OnePlus 2 Specs and release date

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OnePlus One was a big hit of 2014 and it come so far even with frustrating invite system to get your hands on One. Those who don’t know about that fantastic phone, simply visit their website at OnePlus. Its a Flagship killer phone and among one of the best Android high end mobiles.

Now its time to look forward for OnePlus 2 and according to the company spokes person and post on their official blog it is mentioned that OnePlus 2 will be released in April 2015. Recently OnePlus delay release date of their own developed operating system based on Android Lollipop OxygenOS. One of the big success behind OnePlus One was CyanogenMod support.


CyanogenMod CM12S for OnePlus One update is also due which is delayed due to some certifications delays. What will be final release date is very well know and a lot of information is already available here.

I keep my fingers cross that it will be not months delay but only a matter of days or a week now. As OnePlus 2 is also going to be launched in April 2015.

Here are some specs for OnePlus 2 leaked out.


Image Source: PhoneArena

Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chip, 34GB of onboard storage and a 4000mAh battery cell. 4GB of RAM. The display in same size, with super-high-end performance.


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