OnePlus DR-1 Drone actual purpose ?

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What was that April fool joke, a mobile company start to sell low cost 20 USD Drones, Really ? No lollipop update no Oxygen OS and no news about OnePlus 2 but a drone. Yes its true OnePlus has fool all of us with tiny little Drone DR-1 and according to OnePlus this is going to be a future of consumer electronics.

Lets take a look on some specs of that drone first.

Compare the size its really tiny




Its has flexible blades, with LED lights and a quick charger technology, so just in 20 mins you are ready to fly again. Its a speedy device with simple controls.


Check out more information on OnePlus DR-1 and a purpose of this tiny device a game changer.

Its automatically adjust the speed according to wind accoriding to OnePlus

“Show gravity that you mean business. The DR­1’s four independent rotors automatically adjust for wind speeds and atmospheric shifts. AI­-controlled multi-directional flips make aerial acrobatic impossibly easy, and our state­-of-­the-­art rotor protection assembly means you’ll never hesitate to push the envelope. Be brave.

Arial blades

and DR-1’s ergonomic control pad which is easy to handle and not difficulties to control your drone while its in the ear.


What is going to be next hot thing by OnePlus, will it be OnePlus 2 check out OnePlus 2 release date and specs here.

Next big thing is OnePlus One vs OnePlus 2.



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