OnePlus One , OxygenOS and CM12

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Extreme hype with the launch of OxygenOS and CM12 for OnePlus One  was created over the net in past few week specially when it will a deadline of 27th March 2015 by OnePlus.

Unfortunately nothing comes our and fan all around the world are quite disappointed on this delay. According to OnePlus blog OnePlus has give some reason  polite reasoning which could be true. But good new is that it won’t be too long now and soon CM12 with android lollipop and Oxygen OS will be rolling out. Date is still not confirm but as we know OnePlus is about to launch OnePlus 2 in April so it could be available for download Oneplus One owner along with the launch of OnePlus 2.


You check check more information about this delay on OnePlus forum post.

According to OnePlus Blog post

“Lollipop isn’t the only big thing in store. We have been hinting at a new product launching in April, and this week, Carl and David headed to Reddit for an AMAA. They answered burning questions about the product, OxygenOS, the OnePlus 2, and more. We can’t thank everyone enough for participating, as your insightful feedback plays a huge role in our direction.  – See more at: Blog post

For more idea to guess when OnePlus update will be rolling out check out here.


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