principles for creating a culture of positivity at work

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This article is by The HR Specialist: Compensation and Benefits on October 16, 2014 6:30am in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,People Management

by Charlie Cartwright

If the managers in your organization are unhappy that employees aren’t productive or engaged in the work, it could be because the managers themselves are unhappy. Positivity is what keeps a workplace ticking. It all starts with supervisors. And all they have to do is treat employees a little bit better.

In fact, the most common reason people quit their jobs is an unpleasant boss. So coach your company’s managers and supervisors to be fair, warm, courteous and trustworthy when dealing with the people who report to them. Encourage them to maintain a constructive, ongoing dialogue that can contribute greatly to employees’ overall sense of value, commitment and positive morale.

Here are my five principles for creating a culture of positivity at work:

1. Consistent intensity. Here’s what we see so often in the workplace: If someone makes a mistake, they’re made aware of it immediately and forcefully. But do …(register to read more)




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