This Quick Charger 3.0 can charge all your devices at once

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This Quick Charge 3.0 all your devices at once and save you so much time

This Quick charger can charge all your devices at once. There is no need to carry and arrange multiple chargers if you are like me who charge multiple devices every day. Quick charge is a technology introduce by snapdragon systems-on-chip. This technology is most found on all top flag ship mobiles like Samsung, Oneplus, HTC and many more. Even some of the mobile based chromebooks also like Samsung Chromebook Pro which is recently launched and currently all sold out on Amazon.

Practically you can charger like any thing smartphones, power banks, tablets, your cameras, any thing with USB charging can be used on this extremely safe Quick Charger 3.0 by ANKER. 

This third party charger can solve all your problems at once, I kept one for my bed side table and one in my office and thats all I need. Best part is its compatible with all devices even Quick charge 2.0

This is what company claims about Quick Charging 3.0 and see how fast they can charge your smartphones and tablets.

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Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0: One of The latest, fastest and most efficient USB charging technology in the world. Up to 4X faster than standard chargers, able to charge compatible devices to 80% in just 35 minutes. Compatible with Quick Charge 1.0 and 2.0.

It has 6 charging ports and you can use all at once, its pretty heavy duty Quick charge 3.0 charger to serve all your devices. I found this product very useful for me so I thought I should bring it to you. If you are interested you can easy find it on Amazon.



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Verified Purchase

So far, excellent, the fast charge port is excellent, under 2 hours for a phone fully charged, bought the cables as well too to get the most out of it, the other ports are faster for non-quick-charge devices too. nice and small – that was a good surprise, packaging nice, sturdy unit, easy to use, delivery was excellent arrived way ahead of estimate (which was quite long) – about 6 days ahead which was great I didn’t actually have to wait. I glad I bought the proper cables because it saves the hassle of finding which cable is needed for each device (some charge slow/aren’t compatible). I would definitely recommend. Have a lot of devices – bluetooth headset, bluetooth speaker, tablet, 2 phones that all are charged daily and I would not want to go back to slow charging items all over the house taking up every socket going wires galore 😀


Verified Purchase

The problem with modern living is how many devices use USB cables for power or charging. Often, we don’t have enough plug sockets for each device, and multi USB plugs distribute the power, resulting in slower charge times etc.

Not so with this – one plug socket, six USB charging points, all putting out more than enough power to ensure every device runs or charges at its normal rate. On my side table I’ve got a USB powered speaker, Chromecast Audio, iPad charger and Android phone charger. Now I have my USB cables neatly run to each device and my phone charges quickly on the 3.0 socket, all without making the place a mess.

I’m tempted to buy another one for the lounge…


Verified Purchase

Leaving in a house with 2 mobile phones, 2 tablets, PS4 controllers and lots of other usb charging dependable devices, this is the ideal device for me to make sure that everything is organised. I have dedicated a small table in the corner of my living room as a “charging station” for all the electronic devices of the house which made my life a lot easier. I have a limited amount of plugs in my house so having to sacrifice a plug to charge one device at a time was not really an option. The Anker PowerPort is managing to charge all my devices to the necessary charge rate due to the IQ technology without me worrying about which usb brick will be the fastest and which one is not compatible. Overall the build quality is excellent and having this device for almost a year now i had no problems at all. Definitely recommended!



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