Reaching your consumers via digital marketing is a key

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Digital marketing is a big topic now and big companies have already adapted basic fundamentals of digital marketing.

Transformation or adoption of traditional marketing to digital marketing on one hand is challenging, but also open doors of new opportunities for businesses.

The marketing function will undergo the greatest IT-driven business transformation, research per IDC which I referenced this week during my presentation at Interop. The main point of my presentation was to strongly emphasise the need for collaboration between CIOs and CMOs in order to successfully champion digital marketing initiatives. In my presentation, I pointed to a marketing technology supergraphic that was developed by Scott Brinker, highlighting nearly 1,000 marketing technology companies. Spanning a career that sat at the intersection of marketing and technology, Scott Brinker, CTO of ion interactive is one of the most knowledge marketing technology experts that we have had on our weekly CXOTalk show. Brinker is the blogger of the Chief Marketing Technology blog, author of an eBook on the history of the empowered consumer and the state of technology today.



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