Real life gaming is becoming more popular.

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It’s not a video game but it’s based on reality, an interesting story posted by CNBC about a new game called escape rooms. Check it here…

Video games have long taken inspiration from other cultural phenomena, but now, thanks to several entrepreneurs, one is becoming a real-world trend.

In a genre of play called “Real Escape Room,” two or more people get locked in a decorated room and must solve puzzles to escapebefore time runs out.

Few are smart enough, and the success rate averages less than 20 percent, the business owners said.

But the fun lies in the joint puzzle-solving, which spurs tourists and companies alike to pay just under $30 a person to play.

The venues are relatively easy to set up: Create about six themed puzzles, find a room or two to rent and decorate, and advertise on social media.

Thirty-two-year-old Victor Blake is behind the venue in New York City, where his “Escape the Room NYC” is fourth highest on TripAdvisor’s local list, just a few months since he opened shop last November.

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