Serious reasons why you should quit Facebook

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By Anna James,

Entrepreneurs are often time and money poor, yet engage in a daily habit that diminishes both: Facebook FB .

With over 750 million active accounts, an astounding one in nine people in the world log on to Facebook, arguably the most addictive social media site. Studies reveal that Facebook makes us spend more, work less and generally, discourages us. In this, has Facebook become a liability for budding entrepreneurs?

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Here are six reasons detailing how Facebook works against the determined entrepreneur.

I joined Facebook in 2007, roughly eight years ago. On average Id spend one hour on Facebook every weekday and an additional two on Saturday and Sunday, totalling 10 hours a week, or one of my average work days. Thats 4,160 hours over my Facebook life, equating to 173 days continuously, or 24 weeks, or six whole months of my life spent on Facebook.

Entrepreneurs are constantly time poor — can you really afford six months of your life trawling through strangers’ holiday snaps?

In 2012 Facebook appealed to the government to sell shares of stock to the public. In the vicinity of $75 billion, Facebooks stocks are the data that we input into our profiles. Facebook mines our information to sell companies who orchestrate invasive advertising campaigns.

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