Slim Down in summers with Proper Diet & Exercise

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Now summer has arrived and we all are sweating. It’s a good sign, but those who are carrying extra calories need to melt down their fat through diet, exercise and diligence. However everyone is not so ready to join a gym. In fact, many argue that it’s a waste of money. Therefore, today tashify will provide a list of exercise and diet secrets that certainly melts all your extra fat. One can easily slim down in summer through these amazing steps to glory of being fit and fine.

All the exercises can be practised at home and quite effective with diet. Warm up well before starting any of the physical workouts. The exercises are as follows-

2015-03-05_112137Abdominal crunch– The abdomen is the main area where fat gets deposited and one can’t burn the fat until unless a proper set of exercise and diet is followed. Sleep on a yoga mat and fold your knees. Now try to touch the wall before you by rising up. Breathe in while going up and breathe out while going down to your original position. The crunch will release the fat slowly but effectively.


Air Biking- You must be feeling what exactly is this? Well, lie down on a floor mat and start air cycling or air biking in the air. This action puts extra pressure in your lower abdomen, thigh muscles and helps you to slim down easily while the lower body portions become flexible.


Alternate heel touching– Same old thing just lie down on the mat and raise upto 90 degree and try to touch your heels alternately. No one can simply beat this as it is the oldest trick in the book to get rid of your love handles of your waistline.

All these exercise can be performed quite easily at home even without a trainer. Now comes the diet part, which many may not like. However, a proper diet and water intake refreshes your skin completely making you looking far younger than your original age.


Diet- Take a warm glass of water and add 4 teaspoon of lemon juice and one table spoon of honey. Drink it in empty stomach. Many feels quite hungry and thirsty while working out so keep eating some dry raisins while working out. It’s very healthy and keeps your hunger pangs away. Start your morning breakfast with oats and milk or go for masala oats. One can also have boiled eggs, dry brown bread toast and a cup of black tea or coffee. Eat oranges, pineapple, apple or watermelon in mid-morning. Take two rotis, one bowl of plain dal, sautéed vegetables with garlic and salad of your choice. Evening snack should consist of a sprout or dhokla chaat. In the night have an early dinner by 8pm and eat plain roti, dal and chicken stew. Trust us this is the most sought after diet of many top celebrities. You can also practise it to see the amazing results. Now slim down in summers without joining a gym is very much possible.


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