Smoking the reason behind major troubles to a Unborn Child

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People believe in general believe that smoking is a symbol status. They ignore the lines that smoking kills and cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Compared to any other person a pregnant woman faces much danger when she puffs away the nicotine. It’s a known fact that smoking can endanger your unborn child’s life. Hence, by smoking you are forgetting your duties as a mother to give birth to a healthy child. A very single puff can affect the baby’s body weight, height and he inhales it too. Babies whose mothers have smoked during their birth are born with short height. Smoking bad effects on a mother is pretty large.

Research shows that prospect of infant mortality is at least 50 percent higher when the mother smokes compared to non -smoking mothers. Children of many smokers die of sudden infant death syndrome, or crib death. If pregnant women stop smoking by theTeenage girls smokingir fourth month of pregnancy then still they are out of danger zone. Women who smoke constantly they not only put their child’s life in the claws of death, but also their own life with deadliest lung cancer. A child can never be brought up as a wonderful human being if his or her mother is not there to offer shelter or for parenting. The life of an expecting mother is more tied up with the child. Hence, whatever she eats it goes directly to her child. Even the child breathes healthier oxygen through the mother. Hence, it is strictly advised to all mothers who smoke to give it up completely if she wants to start a family.

A baby’s life is much more depended on the mother and she must understand her responsibility. Research by various medical clinics shows that smoking the reason behind major troubles to an unborn child is quite true.  It’s important to nurture a life rather than wasting it on something as deadly as cigarette. Hence, expecting mother give up on this life- threatening factor and give your baby a wonderful, healthy life.


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