Specialized Treatments for Fluid in middle Ear

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The jolly & playful nature of kids often makes even the poorest of soul rich. Such invigorating & lively heartfelt laughter merged with naughtiness in the twinkling eyes of the little brats are solid reasons to live for. Bringing up a kid is strictly a mom’s business, nevertheless when a child gets sick everyone around the child face the feeling of loss. Literally childhood has been the toughest phase for everyone associated with the kid. However, amidst various ailments the problem related to the ear of the small child could definitely upset the mother. A child faces many kinds of aliment, but Otitis media with effusion is the toughest one. Hence, in this informative blog we are discussing regarding the diverse treatment for fluid in middle ear.

earpainPicturesquely the ear or auricle has been divided into three major parts of outer inner and middle ear. Often due to cold and Flu the Eustachian tube gets blocked causing a lot of discomfort and dull hearing to the child affected by it. Basically the tube functions as a air balance mode between inner ear and outside the ear. When the air pressure mismatches there is a discomfort inside the middle ear as the place gets accumulated with fluid and medically it is termed as an Otitis media with effusion. Children suffer more from it because of their horizontal small ear. Technically there is diverse treatment for this aliment. Here are some of the best treatments that have become popular with time.

1.Medicated medium– When small kids are affected they often cry as they feel uncomfortable and fever cause more irritation to them. To handle such situation the physician often prescribes antibiotic oral medicines and comforting eardrops to sooth the aching of the auricle.

2.Wait & watch-It’s a medium only applied as such problem gets healed with due course of time.

3.Auto-inflated balloon– As, we had described earlier small children are playful and keeping this point in mind an auto-inflated balloon is designed to discharge the accumulated fluid. All the kid has to do is to inflate the balloon in one side of the nose while pressing the other nose towards it. He balloon must be inflated into the size of a grape fruit. The moment it reaches the size a click sound is audible to the child and the liquid gets cleared. Well, although popular this is a temporary solution and it should be performed under parents and doctors observation.

4.Grommets– The installation of grommets is the last point in repeated middle ear infection. This ear surgery is recommended by doctor only when the Eustachian tube gets completely dysfunctional.

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