The Beast $999 4K Gaming Graphics Card

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The beast graphics card if you are gammer much check this out. 

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God bless the GPU price wars. AMDs Radeon 295×2, a liquid-cooled graphics card targeted at 4K PC gamers, is now selling at NewEgg for $999, down from its retail debut of $1499 in April. Additional etailers worldwide will go live with similar sales tomorrow.

A thousand bucks is no laughing matter, but for gamers with deep pockets and an insatiable desire for the best eye candy PC gaming can deliver, its an undeniably amazing deal.

Learn more about the Radeon 295×2 by reading my full review here.

Lets retrace some recent history to illustrate how important this is.

Radeon 295×2 Liquid Cooled GPU

Last year AMDs Hawaii GPU debuted with the Radeon 290x, and its price/performance ratio forced Nvidia to drop its GTX 780 by almost $150. More recently, Nvidias Titan-Z found itself part of an aggressive BattleBox promotion where PC system builders like Origin PC were literally giving the $3000 dual-GPU card away for free. Nvidia went on the record to say this didnt represent a price drop at retail. I dont have any evidence to suggest that Nvidia offered OEMs a dramatically cheaper price either, but outwardly it still reflects a discount to the high-end PC consumer.


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