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Modern society and living have brought men and women closure and equal. However, most of the women who are rich or having financial freedom often think themselves at par with their male counterpart as far as drinking of alcohol is concerned. Basically it usually stars with one dink because you couldn’t say “no” to the close friend who insisted you to loosen up a bit. While often, peer pressure makes one head straight to the bar, sometimes women drink to fit in and to be seen as hip and sociable. What they don’t realise is that they slip into ‘at risk’ drinking very soon with an extra drink a day till they are dunking a huge quantity of alcohol into their bodies. The occasional glass of wine is soon replaced by hard liquor and bingeing becomes frequent activity. There are many dangers of social drinking. Hence, let’s have a look at it.


According to health research doctors confirm that both men and women are inherently unequal when it comes to drinking. It is for women to understand this inequality for their own health. But that does not give men right to pump in as much as alcohol as they feel like. In women, hormonal changes during menstrual cycle can also affect alcohol metabolism, increasing the impact, women have more fat in the body and hence it gets absorbed faster in the blood.” 


 “Many people who see themselves as “social drinkers” are unaware that they are at the risk of long term health conditions, including cancers, strokes and heart attack, because of regularly drink. While they may not be alcoholics if they overall amount of alcohol they drink regularly exceeds the lower-risks limits, it can cause serious damage. Even something like having a bottle of wine at night may seem respectable because you’re drinking it with food. Just because it is not associating with any drunken behaviour does not mean it is safe. If it happens regularly, health problems are bound to crop up. Experts recommended keeping tabs on how much you can drink and how often. This can help determine whether your drinking pattern is no risk low risk increased risk or highest risk.

Denial is dangerous-The whole issue of alcohol has a negative impact on the lives of people who drink it too often. Normally alcoholism is a disease that cuts across all socio-economic barriers and Indians are no exception to it.


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