The Era of Fashionable Capes

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Modern fashion has seen many dramatic changes and one that certainly mesmerizes us is the fashionable cape. To elaborate more it’s the nape cloththat we have seen superman and Spiderman wear. But, the style evolution has regenerated the cape style into something, which has been super trendy this season. The Cape is everywhere from winter jackets to Indian suits to even gowns. It’s the season of the Cape, and if you are not aware of this trend, then let us updates our readers with some versatile and elegant cape trends. Be it summer or winter cape stays on the fashion parade.

Woman’s_hooded_cape_Provence_1785-1820As we speak regarding summer, the cape gowns in floral prints are doing the rounds. A simple cape attached to the regular gown can add to so much. Cape gown looks very elegant and royal, different from the veil trend, which is quite obsolete now. One should have the cape in the same color and not in contrast, as it could look gaudy. Avoid loud colours in capes; it doesn’t go very well with too much bling either. Seasons don’t matter when you are a fashion lover, it can only turn up the heat. Cape jackets have been quite a hit this winter season as some international designers have been showcasing this trend vigorously in their season’s latest collection. One of them being Saint Laurent. H and M, also has a good collection of the cape jackets.

From Hollywood to Bollywood, the cape jacket has become quite a sensation. They can be teamed up with long leather boots and fitted pants, this cover up keeps you warmer than you think. It looks comfortable yet stylish, making it a must have this season. As it’s a cover up, the cape effect will also look chic on western formals with some embroidered work, making it a good fusion. Not limiting it to any certain outfit, the fashionable capes can be worn on almost anything you want to add a tint of sophistication to. These capes are detachable, so that if trends come and go, the outfit can still maintain its originality.


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