The Magic of Clay

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Often we all talk about the goodness of clay, but we hardly follow it. If one uses clay as a stress buster and health enhancer, then he need not to visit doctors ever again. This particular thing is known to have antiseptic and inflammatory properties. It is known as a medicine that heals cuts and nicks clear minor sunburns, cool up hot feet’s, and to  bring down blood pressure when used during meditation. The all over coolness of clay is too good to resist. Today we shall discuss more of clay magic.

detox-blendResearch has discovered that clay was used to improve digestion, reduce fatigue and stress. It has been also used as a food to bring down cholera from sixty to three percent. Such is the power of clay. Medical science has given a certified report that clay bath can erase out blemishes, old scars by time and of course it rejuvenates aging skin. When applied on hair it gives the central nervous system a cooling effect that balances body hormones. Indian Ayurvedic medicine has certified clay as a powerful medicine to treat much illness. Although many differ as they say that it has bacteria in it, but age-old Indian Ayurvedic proves to differ. The minerals present in clay often heal skin problems.Clay is a “living” beneficial substance that provides vital energy for the human body. The more we expose clay to the sunshine, air, and rainwater, the more powerful it becomes. Due to its adsorption capacity clay is even employed in the oil industry to purify oils.

green_clay_smart_dietFrench green clay are applied externally and also to take internally, but also we recommend white Bentonite clay for heavy metals detoxifying. Red clay seems to be a very efficient facial purifying mask, depending on the type of skin you have. You can always mix any kind of clay with herbs, fruit or vegetable juice, extracts, or olive oil to improve the performance and the action of the clay. Even Indian Multani Miti is not left behind. Often it is prescribed as a oral dose during high fever to cool down the internal organs. So, over all the clay magic continues.


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