The next big thing by Apple Beats

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What will be next big thing by Apple after acquisition of Beats Audio. Will Apple implement its innovative service and other technologies in existing Beats products or its some new Big thing expected. 

When the acquisition of Beats Audio by Apple was announced, I thought the two companies had a good fit. They have more in common than most people think, especially when it comes to the Beats Audio headphone line. I could see Apple selling them alongside its own premium products.

On a recent trip to the local Apple store, I was surprised to notice a prominent display table covered with Beats headphones. Over half the headphones arranged on the display were from Beats. I’ve never seen this in the store before. It’s impressive how fast Apple has gotten what are now its own headphones front and center.

These headphones aren’t cheap; they range from $199 to almost $500. They are the very definition of premium products and why I thought Apple would do well with them in-house.

More impressively than how fast Apple has them in the store in numbers is the customer reaction to them. Several trips to the Apple store to see how the company is doing has seen customers fawning all over them. The headphones table has always been the busiest in the store, with at least 8 or 10 customers trying them out. On two occasions there have been at least two reps ringing up Beats headphone sales while I was there.


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