The top five Mealtime Secrets of a Happy Family

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Eating food is a universal need. Hark back to your childhood and fondest memories are usually of mealtimes, with the family gathered around the table. Recall the joy of your mother serving up hot parathas for breakfast, grandma making delicious ladoos and lip smacking Mathris and all snacks that we ate when we visited friends. Food doesn’t connect us to your past; it also connects families, friends and also make us happy. Family dinners were time- honoured tradition. Growing up we were constantly remained to be home on time so as not to keep everyone waiting for dinner. This routine is now being sacrificed at the altar of busy work schedules and attraction of technology. Unfortunately, when we need to make our time for anything, family meals are first to be sacrificed. Eating has to become a chore and eating together is slowly becoming a thing of past. Hence, discover elaborates the food & happiness secrets before you.


With the changing times we need to rewire our minds and look for a time when family can be together. If getting together during weekdays is impossible, then weekend dinner can be made a norm. Or maybe the family can eat breakfast together or have a weekend brunch. There are several options and the onus is on us to work around conflicting schedules and find a time, which every member commit to. If nothing materialises, how about occasionally throwing in a picnic as bait or even dinner at a favourite restaurant? Whoever said you have to eat only at home? As long as the family is together and bond well that is all matters. Sacrificing a little bit of our ‘me’ time is the biggest value addition that comes out of this. It makes mealtimes sacred and important. This is an opportunity for the family to socialise with one another and catch up on what’s going on in their lives. It allows parents to clue into the classroom issues, teenage angst, and stress to build up an understanding relationship. It reaches your kids to value their commitments and to stick a schedule.

2-TALK AND LISTEN                                

Share your day with the family while eating. Ask them about theirs. Show a genuine interest in what others have been up to. Think of conversation starters beforehand. If the conversation is stalling, talk about current events and listen to different perspective about them. Someone may come up with a point of view that may be an eye-opener. Encourage and support open dialogue eye rolling, nagging, criticising are a big no-no. Participating in a conversation, listening when spoken to& speaking up when required are social skills which one cultivates at meal times. Talking improves the speaking skills of children and helps them to focus, to think and to have an distinguish opinion. Over the time children bond with their parents in a great way that helps to enhance their relationship and barriers between children and parents are driven out.



Try to prepare food together with your kids on holidays. Respect your child’s meal idea and encourage him or her to make food for everyone. A family that cooks together stays together because food is an emotional matter. Homes breakaway if food or kitchens are divided. Most of the problem arises out of difference in who is going to run the kitchen. Hence make an effort to cook together as it increase bonding among family. Don’t criticize anyone’s cooking skills instead encourage them to prepare meals while you assist them. This act of your will help them to be more responsible for the family.


Home-made foods are often made in a hygienic way. Such meals have more fruits, vegetables and balanced oil and spices. If you are a home-maker you can nourish your family in a great way. Keep an eye on what exactly being cooked. Children hate to eat new foods, so try to introduce new food during mealtimes together and everyone wants to eat that too.


The dining together concept re-evaluates the moral concepts of children especially. They learn the basic moral of staying together through meals and sharing their whole day activities. A family dinner often creates cosmic energy that keeps everyone bonded. Hence, we may describe mealtime a real ground to learn moral values like saying thanks to The Almighty for the blessings he offers and how to respect parents and siblings during dinnertime.

Nevertheless, one must follow these simple methods of food & happiness to keep a family bonded together and forever even during trying times.


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