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Billions of dollars are spent on branding and marketing, but most of the companies are doing ONE BIG MISTAKE and here it is. 

When it comes to brands, many are reaching Millennials and gaining astronomical popularity.

Many aren’t.

The difference isn’t just what they’re doing, it’s where they’re doing it. There’s one big mistake brands are making, and given the fact that many still spend billions of dollars on this, it’s relevant. Ready? Here it is:

Traditional advertising.

Let’s talk about the futility – oops, I mean efficacy of using traditional advertising on Millennials.

First up: TV. I don’t watch it.

Sure, I watch shows: House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad (don’t worry, Orange Is The New Black and Newsroom are next on my list). But unless it’s live sports, I never watch TV on the actual television. I watch Netflix or HBOGO on my laptop or with Apple TV. (Raise your hand if you don’t even have your own Netflix login; you jacked the password of your roommate’s ex-girlfriend’s cat three years ago and have been using it ever since).

Related to this is the fact that I’m now used to never seeing ads. I know I’m spoiled this way because I get super resentful of those annoying ads on Hulu I can’t fast-forward through. The fact that they’ve managed to subvert my now-assumed Tivo-like powers elicits a kind of rage akin only to that of The Hulk from that scene on the spaceship in The Avengers.

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