The Top Ten Dressing up Tips on Summer Fashion

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Summer is here and the sun is dazzling bright. No one wants to go out until unless it’s necessary. Imagine you have a high tea party at 11 A.M in the morning. Now, one can’t really dismiss such high-profile party. However, the million dollar question arises what to wear in the scorching heat and yet appear elegant and stunning. Many style divas have their secrets, but hey what the use of such information if not shared with normal people. Well, today from our desk we are providing proper guidance on the top ten summer fashion.

Fashion-1-Look for a short dress that has simple cuts and it should be manufactured of a single colour. If you are bored of a plain dress, try to wear a soft floral dress. The colored floral dresses are the in thing in summer 2015. So, buy your share.

Fashion-2- Wear stilettoes with matching shades to make you look like a Diva in the gathering. Don’t wear wedges cause it may make you look fat, so opt for a pointed heel that offers both balance style.

Fashion-3- Go for a soft hair-do as it can make you look younger and fresh. If you are facing a bad hair day tie your hair with a colourful scarf that complements your comprehensive party look.

wpid-hot-summer-fashion-look-girl-dressFashion-4- Wear a natural make-up and go for light eyes while heavy on the lip colours. Wear bright shades of lip-gloss instead of a matt lipstick. Carefully arrange your eyelashes and brows. Enhance your cheeks a bit.

Fashion-5- Go for an arm candy or hand bag which is manufactured with simple design and monochrome colours. Make sure the minimum amount of stuff you carry the savvy you look.

Fashion-6- Pay attention to have a proper manicure and pedicure as natural nails are in. Those who were thinking of deep nails shade should say good bye to it. Wear French manicure as it can change the way your personality looks like.

Fashion-7- Wear alluring and long lasting deodorants. If you want to wear scent then wear a lingering floral scent as it can multiply your charm quotient for sure. Don’t uses too much just spray a little on your collar bone and neck as well as on the back of your palms?

Fashion-8- Accessorise yourself with cool sunglasses or shades. Wear something that matches with your skin tone. Don’t imitate others and wear a protective glass that shuns the reflection of sun ray.

summerfashionFashion-9- Highlight your waist with matching belts that is thin and not a gaudy one. Make sure not to wear any bling belts as it make you look like a faux pass.

Fashion-10- Finally, wear your smile. Minus a great smile all dressing up goes waste. A thousand watt smile illuminates your surroundings for sure.

Hence, follow these top ten summer fashion and be a stunner at the party with every prying eyes wants to know your secret of being so well-turned out.


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