The World Of Wallet Cases For Sony Xperia Z1

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We all identify with the fact that Sony Xperia Z1 is clubbed with plenty of features upgraded hardware as well as functionality. Well factors like it’s having a new 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor from Qualcomm and also boasts of a full HD display along with a whopping 20.7-mega pixel back shooter. Its front and backside are made of durable tempered glass, reflecting the world around you. The innovative one-piece aluminum frame is designed without breaks, creating an entirely faultless appearance and one can capture the best of underwater shooting. Such fabulous features make it one of the top-most smart phones of current times. Does the idea ever cross your mind, what if this high end gadget is attached with stylish look and form? It would definitely generate magic! Here are some of the Sony Xperia Z1 cases that would create your gadget emerge grand!


The H wallet case- When we say wallet well a complete handy picture emerge in front of us. This wonder of wonders not only appears grand for you, it also shields the device completely from the natural dirt, dust, harsh sunlight and others blow of the weather. The smooth and shiny finish of the cover makes it look too savvy while the side locking band makes it look sensational. Appear in a party, disco or a wedding you will become the connoisseur of all eyes because of your wallet case. Now how smart option is that? Comes in, luscious red, purple, brown, etc.


The Zip wallet case– Many of us suffer from the fear of losing things and for such worrying people the zip wallet is the complete answer, Just keep your smart phone inside, zip it and forget it. Nothing and no one can disrupt its safety as long as it’s inside the wallet. These are available in, exciting shades of pink, blue, maroon, black and much more.

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