Thin keyboard iPad Air case by Belkin

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Nice iPad Air case by Belkin with slim keyboard. Now its more productive with keyboard.

When looking at the keyboard, the QODE Thin Type Keyboard Case is surprisingly similar in looks to the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover in that there is a horizontal slot above the keys where the iPad Air is placed. There’s also a hinged piece that connects the Keyboard Case magnetically to the iPad Air as a cover (the magnets are in the iPad Air, of course). Note that the black keyboard seen in the review photos is the previous generation Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cove and is used for comparison purposes.

Rather than sporting power and pairing buttons on the side like the Logitech Ultrathin (previous generation), there’s a small switch in the slot on the keyboard that is pressed when the iPad is put in place for typing. That switch turns the keyboard on, then shuts it off when the iPad Air is removed. There’s never a need to remember whether or not the keyboard is turned off; by default, if the iPad Air is removed, the keyboard is off. For first-time pairing, there’s a Pair button on the top row of keys on the QODE Thin Type.

Belkin QODE Thin Type Keyboard Case for MacBook Air

As you’d expect, there are other design differences as well. The bottom of the Logitech Ultrathin is perfectly flat, which can make it somewhat slippery to hold. The QODE Thin Type has a “bump” across the back where the slot for the iPad Air is located, and there’s also another larger bump for the battery. Those offer a bit more grip than that available on the Logitech Ultrathin.


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