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We all are very busy and so many things to do in one day, Some time mind is distracted because tons of loads and many thoughts to do. Well, I am personally using many different devices to come along a whole day. From iMac, to MacBook (Mac OS) to Android tablet and mobiles, so these complex mix of different hardware and software around me sometimes scattered information in pieces on different platforms on various machines.

But that is not a problem any more, I think all the major platforms and popular apps that are actually keeping the information now live in a cloud, so the information available on different devices and platforms is pretty much solved an issue in today’s date. So what is next then, well that is simplicity and ease of accessibility of our information which lives on a cloud.

For last many years I have used and reviewed many different productivity apps to make my day more smart with my smart gadgets. I would like to bring us an excellent productivity to do app on the spotlight today.

Yes Todoist becomes my most used productivity apps now on my all devices for creating to do list and managing it. It’s made my life so easy and help me to to organize my busy day with its clean interface and project based to do lists. You can create projects and assign tasks in those projects, set a due date and it will show you a day and tells you what to do. It also supports sub-projects and it really helps to break down the actions of bigger tasks. Another best part is collaborating and sharing tasks or whole projects with others. I can share my tasks, assign tasks and many other good features like tracking, acceptance of tasks by my team members and so on.


It simply lets me manage the tasks from my any devices no matter what platform is that or what hardware I am holding in my hand. Currently it supports all major platforms and devices. I can use Todoist offline also.

It’s perfect because its syncing data on Real-Time so you never need to worry about missing information if you are changing place, or device or even platform. I add a task on my iMac and view it on my Android phone while doing shopping in the supermarket to see what to bring home.

Apple in the iPhone has also done very nicely in their build-in to do app and location reminders are incredible in that also. Well, I like the way todoist implement the concept with no boundaries of platforms, and devices and on top of that its clean and beautiful look. They also have plugin for most of the major browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. Might be they have plugin for more browsers, but these are the one I know now. So you don’t need to go out of your browser to view your tattooist. They have apps for Windows and Mac so it’s not like every time you have to log in to your website.

And yes, it’s Free for most of its great and useful features, some of the features are in premium which is not so expensive to get (29 USD/year –  3 USD a month). Premium account, you can set reminders on a task, assign special labels and filters and also add other details to the tasks like file attachments, photos, pdf or excel files.

Todoist Features

Well, I am using the free version and it works fine for me. Yes, sometimes I miss the reminder function which is only available for premium accounts and might be, it will make me buy premium subscription.


Tashify, todoist example

I highly recommend you to give this wonderful service a try and see how smart it will make your day more clear and easy to do. You can visit Todoist website here or just google it.

If I found any more great ways to use it, I will share it here on my blog so stay tune.

Source for images: Todoist website


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