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What are Top 3 best Chromebooks in 2018

Those who don’t know a very simple answer is Chromebook is the simplest laptop with ChromeOS installed in it. Mostly we spend our computing time on internet and according to Internet statistics 2017

“Over 5.5 billion Google searches are made every day”

In short, we spend so much time in chrome browser or on the internet. Chrome OS is a simple operating system which boots fast and supports with android and chrome apps on your laptop. To use ChromeOS you probably need a Chromebook which a kind of laptop. Initially, Chromebooks were not so popular but in recent years it has been becoming major choice for many users for there day to day computing tasks. With the flexibility of running Android apps on Chromebook in 2018 its a lot more fun to use Chromebooks as a laptop for maximum productivity or even in tablet form. Yes, there are some good hibernate options available of Chromebooks in 2018 which you can use in tablet mode.

Previously when Google introduced material design on Chromebooks it brings a new energy into the whole OS design aesthetics and it was appreciated by its users. So here is my pick of best Chromebooks available in 2018

Best Chromebooks in 2018: Top 3 Chromebooks in 2018

1. Google Pixelbook

Photo Source: Google

It’s a ChromeOS running laptop made by Google and it has good many design esthetics similar to Google pixel phone. This is also one of the first Chromebook in 2018 which has google assistance build in.

Technical specs:

CPU: Intel Core i5 or i7 — Display: 12.3 inches — RAM: 8 to 16GB — Touch Screen YES — Internal Storage: 128GN to 512GN

Read full specs: Google Pixelbook

You can buy it directly from google store or Amazon.

Price: $999 – $1199

2. Samsung Chromebook Pro

Photo source: Samsung

Technical specs:

CPU: Intel Core M3-6Y30 — Display: 12.3 inches Intel HD Graphics 515 — RAM: 4GB — Touch Screen YES — Internal Storage: 32GB

Plus: Touchpen and very slim design

Read full specs: Samsung Chromebook pro

Price: $499

3. Asus Chromebook Flip

Image result for Asus Chromebook Flip

Photo Soruce:

Well in my list its on number 3 but its still a very good option to go for if you are looking pixel chromebook like specs in half of its price. Yes Asus chomebook flip has very solid good specs with good price tag. Here are the specs. The only thing which kept it on number third place its does not support Android App support.

Technical specs:

CPU: Intel Core M3-6Y30 – Intel Pentium 4405Y — Display: 12.5 inches 1080p Intel HD Graphics 515 — RAM: 4GB — Touch Screen YES — Internal Storage: 32 – 64GB

PLUS: Good tablet mode functionalities and better keyboard.

Price: 429 Euros


So here is my list of top 3 Best Chromebooks in 2018, if you know any good options please share it in comments below. I believe Chromebooks have been improved vastly during last two years and its good solid choice nowadays especially when you can use it as tablet mode with Android app support.


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