Top Eight Home Remedies for Hair Loss

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Good hair is an addition to attractive personality. Every woman aspirations for long, healthy and shiny hair is well-known. But, the stress of the modern day lifestyle, ageing, unhealthy eating habits and non-existent fitness routine often takes a heavy toll your hair. Althoughit’squite natural to lose 50-100 strands a day, but with a wash one can lose upto 250 strands. Maximum of the hair on your head is developing. About 10% of your hair is inactive, and will fall out after 2-3 months. Erstwhile you don’t recognize that daily habits can contribute to lot to hair loss. Therefore, discover offers some home remedies for hair loss that is quite effective.

Home Remedies:

 Coconut milk

The delicious milk of coconut is a rich source of nutrients like potassium, vitamin E, and iron. Application of this divine liquid to the roots can aidin preventing hair rupture and speed up hair growth. The antibacterial stuffs in this milk can also guard the scalp as it is a natural conditioner for both skin and hair. One must apply it in the night time and should leave it like that overnight. Next morning one can wash it with a gentle shampoo followed by a good conditioner.

 Indian gooseberry- Amla

Amla or Indian Gooseberry is a rich source of vitamin C and stuffed withantioxidants that assist comprehensively to prevent premature greying. The vital fatty acids in this fruit can also retain hair follicles solid. It is also supposed to reverse greying hair. Rub on a paste of dried Amlaalong with lime juice onto the scalp will nurture your tresses and make your locksradiant. To make the paste mix 2 teaspoons of lime juice with 2 teaspoons of dried Amla powder.

home-remedies-for-hair-fall-and-hair-careScalp massage – Frequently treating your head to a massage is effective in keeping your hair healthy. A massage fuels blood flow to the scalp and encourages hair growth. Merging a head massage with lukewarm oil can prevent hair loss and dandruff too.One can choose from mustard, almond, lavender, coconut, jojoba, olive, or sesame oil. All these oil are all full of additional nutrients. Jojoba oil is specifically suggested because it substitutes sebum to the scalp.

Neem, Indian lilac- Neem is an astringent and treats dandruff, itching, and head lice without chemicals. Neem oil has a unpleasant smell and one can mix it with aromatic essential oil like tea tree oil, lavender and orange. You can massage this mixture into your scalp and apply it to your locks too. This oil is hauling out from the fruit of the Indian lilac tree. The tree is rich in antioxidants which counter free radicals. Neem is renewing and comprisesof fatty acids like oleic, linoleic, and stearic acids, which also condition the scalp and hair charmingly.

Egg white & curd- The blend of egg white and curd generates a fantastic hair cure that endorses hair growth. Eggs are rich in selenium, iodine, phosphorus, sulphur, iron and zinc. Curd also has many nutrients and is anti-fungal. This concoction makes a brilliant conditioner, making your hair glossy and at the same time efficiently fights back dandruff and hair loss. One must use the concoction of these two wonder products once in a week as a hair mask.

Aloe Vera- Application of pure aloe gel directly to the scalp helps balances the pH level. The plant extract is rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes. The aloe reinforces hairs bounciness and can soften and condition your hair, performing as a natural conditioner. Melting a small amount of salt into the gel can also help as salt enters into the deeper skin layers and can stop hair from dropping out needlessly.

Henna- To avert hair loss, conglomerate dried henna leaves or powdered henna with mustard oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Massage this oil mix into your scalp. Leave this to rest for 30 minutes and rinse your hair after.Although it has a grand reputation as a hair dye, italso strengthens and conditions your tresses. Further it prevents excessive hair loss. When applied to hair and scalp it creates a shielding coat over the hair shafts and its nutrients repair the hair cuticles, making the strands thick and strong.

Hibiscus-This vibrant flower has many revitalizingstuffs for hair. It is an ancient Indian technique of preserving a dense mane of hair. Because of its rich vitamin C and amino acid content, this flower works to nourish the hair and treat dandruffas well as it prevents premature greying,. When you combine the crushed leaves of the flowers with coconut or sesame oil and apply this paste to your scalp regularly, it can also benefitin stopping hair loss. It’s best to leave the paste in your hair for several hours and then rinse.

So, these are the many methods of home remedies for hair loss and one must practice the modes to p[reserve a long mane.


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