Top ten Reasons to Drink warm Water

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Often people follow fad diets, workouts to keep themselves healthy and hearty. However, one resource that is too easy to access is water. This element contains the goodness of minerals that not only satiates thirst, but also improves skin tone and frees the body from various diseases. People looking for a healthy lifestyle often drink cups of cold water, but drinking hot water can be equally as beneficial, if not more. Warm water is more sterilised and safe to drink in comparison to cold water. Many people have many illusions about health, but H2o proves to quite diversify. Hence, here are advantages of warm water& top ten reasons to drink it every day.

  • It’s a perfect way to drink- The normal tap water is not so pure, although government claims to provide clean water. Hence, to avoid various water-borne disease do boil your water and drink it warm. Make sure you boil your water in a container for over a minute. Once it’s done, you should have a strong concoction that can help your body stay fit if drank on a regular basis.
  • Warm water increases body’s metabolic rate and thus calories gets easily burned. So, drink warm water before hitting the gym for a vigorous workout. Hot water also helps to break down the adipose (fat) within your body. So if you’re on a diet, add warm water to your routine, and see how much healthier you feel. In fact, people say that if you have your hot water in the morning, the rest of the dieting day will seem a lot easier. For an added bonus, add some lemon to the water. The natural chemicals in lemon help stop sugar cravings, making it even easier to stick to a healthy diet. Bear in mind, though, that you have to exercise as well if you really want to keep the pounds off, warm water alone is, while very helpful, not a cure-all!
  • No-one likes having a stuffed nose or a sore throat, but everyone will get them when cold season comes round. But drinking warm water whilst you’ve got a cold can be a massive help. Firstly, it will prevent dehydration, which is a minor but present risk whenever you’ve got a cold. Secondly, the warmth will dissolve your mucus at least a little, making it easier for you to breathe whilst the unpleasantness is removed from your respiratory system. Adding honey and lemon will also help – lemons have vitamin C in them which will help to boost your immune system, and honey will lubricate a sore throat. Make this drink, sip it, keep yourself warm with a nearby source of heat and your body should shortly begin working on making you better again. And of course you can drink it as an energy booster even when you don’t have a cold!
  • It helps remove toxins-Toxins are harmful, but we’ve all got them inside us – they’re poisonous substances which come from plants, animals, chemicals and more. They sound unpleasant but unfortunately they’re an unavoidable part of modern life. However, drinking warm water can help flush them out! The water will lubricate your body making it easier for your bowels to evacuate themselves regularly – it may be a slightly disgusting thing to think of but it’s true. Drinking plenty of water will also improve the health of your kidneys, which of course are the organs responsible for all your body’s waste management, so keeping them well-run are vital. The heat of warm water can also open up pores to let out the sweat caused by the warmth, which flushes you out further as the body releases toxins along with the sweat. Drink several cups of warm water a day to give you a really good detox.
  • It can aid constipation – In the previous paragraph; the subject of warm water helping to evacuate bowels came up. Well, constipation is what happens when your bowels aren’t evacuating themselves properly – and this is caused by a lack of water getting to them. Ten Reasons for Drinking Warm Water. The problem arises when the large intestine soaks up the water from your stools, making them hard to pass through the body and get out. It gets even worse if you’re dehydrated. This is not a topic that arises in polite conversation, but it needs to be talked about! Here’s how warm water can help: the lubrication and heat breaks down the food that’s in the intestines, allowing it to pass smoothly out of you as loose stool. Drink warm water on a empty stomach to help with the decomposition of any food that may have been left behind, and you should shortly be going regularly to the bathroom with no trouble.
  • It can make periods easier – Most women hate that time of the month and for good reason. Stomach cramps and spasms can arise that make it difficult to move around without pain. Warm water helps with this by increasing your blood flow, therefore warming and soothing the cramping muscles – it’s a similar effect to holding a hot water bottle to your stomach. Ten Reasons for Drinking Warm Water The warmth may also reduce the tension in your body and generally calm your nerves. Plus, if you bloat a lot during your period, drinking plenty of water can help – if you have enough water in your system already, this stops your body from retaining it during your period. One more benefit – caffeine is not recommended during a period as it can make your cramps worse, so warm water (with maybe something in it for flavour) makes a great alternative. Drink several cups throughout your period and you’ll soon start to feel a lot better.
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  • It improves the skin – Warm water is very good for acne – it dilates the pores of your skin, helping to remove the dead skin cells and bacteria that cause the problem. It also decreases the amount of oil on your face, making it less of a breeding ground for spots. Ten Reasons for Drinking Warm Water Simple warm water is much, much better for your body then many chemical acne cures, as well – some of them can even be harmful. In addition to this, drinking hot water can improve the elasticity of your skin, as it rinses out the toxins that damage it and helps the skin cells function at their best. Many people say that drinking plenty of water gives their skin a healthy glow – try it and see! But whether it glows or not, warm water can certainly help keep the skin healthy. Well-hydrated skin is much less likely to let in particles that cause blemishes, after all.
  • It improves the hair – Good-looking hair is not necessarily vital to a person’s health, but it’s a big self-esteem booster. So for great hair, drink warm water – drinking a few cups a day can stimulate the nerve endings in your hair roots, encouraging your hair to be healthy and shiny. It may not look it, but each strand of your hair is made up of 25% water content – hair needs water just as much as any other part of the body. Warm water can also prevent dandruff by hydrating your scalp and keeping it healthy – couple several cups of warm water with regular use of anti-dandruff shampoo and shortly white flecks in the hair will be a thing of the past. Warm water and its energizing effect helpto promote hair growth, too! Drinking warm water is a natural and easy way to get healthy-looking hair without having to resort to expensive hair care products.
  • The immune system is what protects your body from diseases as it identifies threats such as viruses and works to defeat them. Needless to say, it’s a vitally important part of your body that needs as much care and attention as it can get, and warm water can help keep it healthy. As already mentioned, drinking warm water stimulates blood flow in your body, increasing circulation all around and keeping the immune system working as it should. But it also helps remove mucus in the parts of your body where it’s likely to be, which means a decrease of the risk of bacteria in the body. Plus, boiling the water in the first place will have already helped your immune system by reducing the risks of drinking contaminated water! If you have a compromised immune system (as many people do), drinking warm water can still help promote wellness in the body.
  • It can prevent vocal cord damage-One may not believe, but singers globally prefer warm water compared to cold water as cold water can also tense the throat muscles. So that’s where warm (not hot!) water comes in! It helps keep the thin mucus in your throat at a healthy level, allowing for proper vibration of the chords when singing. And, as you already know, it can prevent career-ending colds and sore throats! So if you plan to strain your vocal chords in any way, drink some warm water before going on stage and you should be fine to use your voice to its highest potential – it can’t help with stage fright, though.

Advantages of warm water are many and one has to follow the drinking habit of warm water to remain healthy and hearty lifelong.


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