Top Ten Tips for a Cancer Free Healthy Body

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The human body is a magical unit that accepts both good and bad things that are being Fed to it. For example, if we choose to eat a burger, despite being overweight our body graciously accepts it. The same idea is being applied to the fundamentals of smoking too. It invades our blood stream just like a powerful drug. The presence of nicotine is more powerful than heroin as it mingles the level of addiction into our poor veins. It has been proven that the blood level goes down with each puff of the cigarette. The vicious circle of this deadly nicotine never ends as one keep on smoking one after another. A chain smoker longs for a cigarette after every few minutes. It’s like a drug therapy for him. However; to live a healthy life it’s important to say no, to this dangerous addiction. Today in this educative blog we are going to present before you tips to destroy monster smoking habit.

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Tip one– Learn from your weakness for the smoke. Give yourself a completely new atmosphere. Change the places where you feel the urge of smoking.

Tip Two-Opt for a healthy lifestyle and join a good gym. Always look for trainers who can inspire you get fit and strong both mentally and physically.

Tip Three-Learn to use your newly bought sports gear and gym gear. Never buy it just for the sake of buying. Wear these motivating clothes and start working out.

Tip Four- Throw away your cigarette packets and don’t see or read anything related to smoking.

Tip Five-Choose a morning workout class compared to an evening exercise class. In the evening we all do feel tired and sluggish and that’s why it’s important to opt for a morning time when the body and mind are fresh and ready to take up challenges.

Tip six-Choose an exercise, which you can perform without any trainer guidance like walking and jogging. It will refresh your mind and body.

Tip seven-Drink tea instead of coffee, train your mind to think about every kind of work except  Well, ignorance is the best policy.

Tip Eight-Practice meditation to avoid smoking. Clean your room, do other physically endurance activity like gardening and much more.

Tip Nine-Follow these above tips and practice them regularly and get a much welcoming relief from the devastation of smoking.

Tip Ten-Eat a balanced diet and drink a lot of fluids like water and fruit juice to remove toxins from your body.

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