Top Ten Tips to Organize Your Wardrobe

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In the busy hours of life one rarely finds time to organize the wardrobe. In fact, it’s the messiest area of any working person especially girls. Clutter is rarely this glamorous. Storage areas aren’t just a part of your living space; they can function as extensions of your psyche. Hence, it’s essential to pick a day when you can really clear the clutter, a well-organized place often calms down one’s emotion. There are many tips available in the market, but in today’s informative blog we shall discuss on the top ten tips to organize your wardrobe. If cleanliness is next to godliness, then professional organizers are near deities. So, let’stake a clear look at it.

  • Sweep clean– Start by taking everything out of your closet and drawers,and decide only what to keep. Donate the rest and yes stay in peace. “It should be a quick decision.
  • Grouping –Pair all your long-sleeved shirts in one place, your pants in another—is essential to finding what you need. Once you’ve sorted your clothes into categories, organize each group by color.
  • Opt for skinny hangers– Changing to thin hangers instantly saves a third of the space—a third and that’s huge.


  • Everything has its place-Segregate every stuff and write names on different section. So the next time you want to store there won’t be any confusion.
  • File it away– Every organizer on earth recommends storing folded clothes in a vertical position, like files lined up in a drawer, instead of stacked in columns. Just fold them as usual, then flip the pile so it stands up—spring-loaded drawer dividers, like ones from the Container Store, will help. This method makes every single item visible, conserves space, and prevents pieces from getting stranded on the bottom.
  • Go over your underwear– Lingerie drawers fall into disarray because they contain a variety of shapes and materials. To help keep undergarments under control, keep them in undergarment bags.
  • Stack your bras– Bras are the fitted sheets of lingerie—there’s no easy way to fold them. So don’t. The best way to avoid an unholy tangle is to tuck the straps inside the cups and line them up in a drawer, one propped lightly against the other.


  • Sort your shoes– One way to arrange them is with each pair side by side, with one toe facing out and the other facing in. By nesting insteps together in this fashion, you save several inches of space.
  • Take a seat– If you have a walk-in closet; place a chair or a bench inside—not a stool, not a stepladder, but a stylish upholstered seat. It makes the space inviting.
  • Light it up Fit an elegant light to light up your wardrobe bright. An elegant light fixture transforms even cramped quarters.

Hence, one can really organize everything by following top ten tips to organize your wardrobe.


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