Top Ten Tips to Break away from Abusive Relationships

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In our everyday life we do get abused by people close to us like husband, in-laws, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and more. However, an abuse need not to come in the form of a physical violence as it can happen in emotional & mental form too. The abusers are sick people who suffer from inferiority complex and they are psychological patients. They are mentally sick and they get additional pleasure while abusing people left and right. Research says that these people are often abused in their own childhood and that’s why they repeat the same kind of violence on innocent and naïve people around. Such abuse can break a person’s self-esteem in a great way. Today discover brings before you the top ten tips to stay away from abusive relationship.

abuEnhance your self-Confidence– Normally a person start abusing the other person mentally and lowers their self-esteem. This cycle becomes more abusive and the partner or in-laws start humiliating you, constantly putting you down, belittling you, being controlling or getting jealous for no reason. This lowers your feelings of self-worth and can cause you to believe that no one else would want to be with you, besides your abusive partner. To tackle such problems rebuild your own self-confidence and start doing meditation, pranayama and yoga. Stay fit & healthy and create a strong group of network like family (parents), friends, colleagues, etc.

Bow down- Never gives in to tactical pressures of anyone whoever abuses you. Remain firm on your own believes and dreams. Remember it’s your own life and you have to fight back on your own.

Consult a lawyer– Whenever you feel intimated by any person in your in-laws place consult a lawyer, see a counsellor who can help you against domestic violence such as abuse. Yes, its true abuse is a big time violence. Hence, don’t ignore it.

Save funds– Try to save money for yourself. If you have to break free and live a life of your own try to earn your own source of income and stop being dependent on your partner or in-laws. Start saving and hiding money in a safe place, so that you can eventually have money to feel confident enough to leave.

urlExpose the culprit– It takes a lot of courage to expose a culprit in the eyes of the society. The abuser will always try to isolate you from your family & friends, don’t ever let it happen. All the person wants is to create a dependency on him. Recognize that he will do this by criticizing them and turning you against them, or discouraging you from seeing and spending time with them. It is important to tell somebody. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed. The best way to get away from your abuser is to let other people know what is going on. By letting your friends and family know, you will be able to get the strength to leave through the support of your core network.

Recognize Manipulative Patterns– Abused partners find it hard to leave their abuser because of manipulative behaviour. It is important to recognize the patterns: Your partner will abuse you to an extreme and as you threaten to leave, he will apologize in a grand way to convince you to take him back. He will tell you how you will leave without him? Then the abuse cycle starts to continue. “Understand that with that person, it’s probably never going to be different,”. Another manipulative way an abuser gets his partner to stay is by threatening suicide or saying something like, “If you leave, my life will be miserable.” Don’t give in to the guilt. “Your responsibility is to yourself and to get healthy and to get out of there.”

Seek Professional Help– If things get bad; don’t wait to get out of the relationship. Call a helpline such as the National Domestic Violence Hotline. You can also contact them anonymously through an online form. This hotline is not limited to physical abuse. If you want to narrow down help to your state, visit the site’s “Help in Your Area” page, which offers a listing of domestic violence hotlines across the country.

violenceMake sure to cut all ties– Never keep any tie with your abuser. Walk out of the hell with your head held high. Don’t ever give in to the sweet talks of your offender. Remember those moments of pain and walk past him, because you deserve better people in your life.

Talk to your parents– Leaving your partner is a big decision and you must talk to your parents before filing a divorce from your abusive partner. Ladies take your share from the joint property and take legal custody of your child if you have any. Get your property share without any embarrassment. You have the right to own property from both paternal as well as from your husband’s side.

Hence, if you are facing any kind of personal abuse follow these top ten tips to stay away from abusive relationship.


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