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Yes Tumblr is not an other just a social media website like Facebook but its some thing completely different which attract millions so What is Tumblr ?

tumblrWith more than 178 million blogs and 80.9 billion posts tumblr is the largest micro blogging website of its kind. Not so many people still know about it and using it so often. But Tumblr brings a unique concept of social media with blogging features.

In New York city Tumblr was prompt with this smart start up by David Karp in 2007. David is Founder and CEO of Tumblr. This micro blogging concept was new acquired by Yahoo in 1.1 Billion USD in June 2013 and its still one of its own kind in blogging world. Some of its key features are listed below:


  • Tumblr has vast variety of themes, so bloggers can shape their blogs with stunning and color full themes.
  • Available on various platforms from desktops to mobile devices like iOS, Android and even for Chrome OS
  • Blogging and publishing on Tumblr is extremely easy and simple, no technical training required.
  • Publishing posts are also supported by third party applications like email or text messages.

On the other hand Tumblr user need to keep in mind that its not only text based blogging concept because of its visual designs options. Tumblr is best for bloggers who want simple easy to go plat form and free. Those who things word press is little bit much to do and twitter is to short to express their thoughts Tumblr is their place to go.

Tumblr can also be very useful for SME or even big brand who are looking for more visual show off for their businesses and products. If you are as a business looking forward to go viral with you contents then give it a shot as Tumblr is mostly viewed by visitors aged 25 or less.

Check out a quick video below for quick introduction to tumblr.

In short tumblr is easy to use blogging platform, which required no extra technical expertise, and it brings its whole community based platform for micro blogging.


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