Turn your iPad Air into a MacBook clone

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BY Brent Dirks on Mon September 01st, 2014 accessories ClamCase clamcase pro for ipad air ipad air keyboard case Product Review


Company: ClamCase Product: ClamCase Pro Price: $169 Compatibility: iPad Air Website: clamcase.com Date: Sept. 1, 2014

While I love the iPad Air, I always seem to turn to my MacBook Pro when I need to get any substantial amount of writing and editing done. Weve reviewed more than a few tablet keyboard cases here at AppAdvice, but Ive never been able to find a perfect fit that offers an Apple-like typing experience. But the ClamCase Pro looks to change that.

The cases concept is simple. A polycarbonate exterior shell helps protect the iPad Air while the interior keyboard is made with an aluminum shell. Its look and feel is strikingly similar to any MacBook Pro or Air.

A soft-touch, 360-degree hinge can convert the tablet into three different modes. Along with the usual keyboard, turning the hinge another 90 degrees converts the tablet into a great media viewing position. Finally, users can flip the keyboard all the way back for a simple tablet mode.

Along with a keyboard, users can take advantage of two other modes to place the iPad Air.

Easily put, the keyboard is spectacular. Along with looking like a MacBook keyboard, the ClamCase feels like using an Apple product. More than once while using the keyboard, I instinctively reached for a non-existent trackpad.

The island-style keys are comfortable, well-spaced, and are perfect for touch typists. After a few weeks of using the ClamCase, for various writing tasks, I have no qualms saying the keyboard is easily one the of the best I’ve ever tried.

Getting set up is easy. Simply insert the iPad Air into the top part of the interior and pair it via Bluetooth. After that, as long as the as the keyboard is turned to the onposition, it will automatically connect when opened and shut off when closed. The keyboard will also switch off when used in tablet mode so you wont accidentally trigger any keys.

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