Ultimate Guide To Choose Best electric car BMW i3 Tesla model 3 or Polestar 2

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Electric Cars Guide

Best electric cars BMW i3 Tesla model 3 or Polestar 2

If you are thinking to switch to the pure electric car then there are few things to consider before you start your research for available option. I have been doing some research and learn many new things and different factors to consider and then decide to do this post. My intentions are to help you find out which things you should be considering when looking for electric car. In this post I am not going to compare the specification of different cars so you know already before you read it. 

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Why you need an electric car?

Yes, this is a very important question which I learned during my research process. I did not know why I need an electric car but now after learning about what electric cars are exactly I think there are two major reasons

  • You want to be more environmentally friendly
  • You want to save money while commuting to your work

For me it turns out to be I want both see this quick video here where I explain it.


How much you want to spend?

Find out how much is your budget and why its like that. Are you looking economical option to own the electric car or you got loaded valet and can afford an expensive one? For sure if you are looking for Tesla model 3 or Polestar 2 then you are not looking election option to save money in your commute. I have done this calculation and well its not possible to save money as you pay so much money upfront to own those expensive electric car option and if you do the math based on how long you will keep the car, how much money you will save in commuting and what will be the value to the car when you will switch it then you will see actually not big savings. Image result for polestar 2 png

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So always consider and calculate 

  • How much you will save in fuel over the years
  • How much you will pay upfront to own electric car
  • when you will switch you cars
  • what will be the value of your car when you will switch it

I have done a good comparison in a video format check here and if you need any more information about the detail calculation feel free to ask me.

What you have to do at home?

Also, consider where you will charge your car when you are at home and at work. Does your employer provide a charging spot at office parking or can they install one for you. Secondly, also see what kind of charging facility you want to have at home. Will you have a rapid charger at home or if it will be only commuting car for you which you will use next day then you can use normal charging which does not need any special equipment to be installed at your home.

Best solution

In my point of view and according to the calculations I have done based on 120 km commute every day it is possible and could be profitable to go or all-electric car but not the brand new BMW i3 or Kia e-Niro or those luxury expensive options like Tesla Model 3 or Polestar 2.Image result for bmw i3

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But the best option is to go for a used electric car with low mileage and I found BMW i3 is a very good option which you can find in good price with low mileage. The overall feeling of driving BMW i3 was also good and as I said my calculations are based on 120 km everyday commute.

Hope this guide helps you and if you want to know more feel free to ask me.

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