What I Learned As a Start-Up Business Owner

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It wasn’t that long ago when I started my business and was so looking forward to the challenges ahead of me. Little did I know that every day would be a challenge and new ones popped-up all the time that I didn’t expect. This seems to be the norm, especially for a small start-up. As days turned into weeks, then months and even years, I continued to journal my thoughts so that I could reflect on the good and bad times. I wanted to learn from my experience of being a first-time business owner.

Here’s a look back at the a-ha moments I experienced. Wow, they really do make sense. I wish someone had told me about these common misconceptions before I opened the doors for business.

First Time, Start-Up Entrepreneurs – This Is For You

You may think that you have it all together because your confidence is overflowing. You previously worked in the corporate world and were a rock-star. Everyone told you that you were so good you should start your own business. I know, I was there and my confidence was probably at an all-time high when I started my business. Don’t let your confidence fool you. Business is not the same when you’re responsible for absolutely everything and your confidence can’t make up for the difference or do ten things at once.

Passion: What you actually loved about your corporate job is probably not going to be what you do every day as a business owner. There will be many other duties you must attend to that are not considered fun. Try to create balance and don’t let those not so fun things get you down.

Focus On The Here And Now: Urgency seems to be the norm in small business. If you don’t focus on the here and now, another business will and they will get the new contract and you won’t.

Work Fast – No Time To Think: Sometimes you have to go with your intuition and just act on it. My suggestion is to follow what your heart tells you. Don’t question your intuition, it’s normally right.


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