What is healthy life style?

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Do you work 9 to 5 and looking for a way to spend some time to make your life style more healthy. Here are some suggestions.

Health and Fitness: Over the years, a drastic change has entered our lifestyle and odd working hours have further affected it. Earlier, a nine-to-five job meant that one could easily devote his mornings or evenings to health. But with the long hours and night shifts creeping in, very few have the privilege to follow a morning or evening fitness schedule.

But when the question is not only about living a life, but living a healthy life, one has to take out time from ones busy schedule for workout. Also, if one is determined and passionate to have a healthy body, the workout is not limited to mornings or evenings.

One can enjoy it 24X7, and that too without pumping iron in the gym or travelling distances to attend aerobic classes. Cycling, walking, skipping or any other activity: wherever, whenever it suits you, sweat it out.

Hindustan Times brings you a fortnightly series on the fitness regimen of people, who come from varied professions and have different working hours.

When I was in my early forties, my mother was diagnosed with diabetes and that was the trigger for me to have a regular fitness regimen.

Since the next two generations run a higher risk of becoming diabetic, only a healthy and disciplined lifestyle can prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. Since then, morning and evening walks along with 30-to-45 minutes of yoga and stretching exercises, is part of my daily life.


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