What is OnePlus Power Bank

OnePlus Power bank
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This April fool 2015 OnePlus has done good by launching a tiny drone but still its major product line is about to be launch which is OnePlus Two. As OnePlus has also officially release their OxygenOS on 4th of April 2015 but still there is one import product does not make voice in new which is OnePlus power bank.

OnePlus power bank is big in capacity but still really stylish and follow the foot prints of OnePlus One and OnePlus Two.

OnePlus Power bank

Just in 14.99 USD its a best deal I have seen among other available brand to power up your mobile. If you are not aways sticking to the wall and use your ONE alot then might be you need it.  Its available in Black and white, I personally own black ONE so I prefer black power bank. What do you like let us know in your comments.

According to OnePlus its Bold in Simplicity and supplies 10,000 mAh of power, enough to provide three full charges for your OnePlus One. Other specs are below

OnePlus Power Bank

OnePlus Power Bank other features

Featuring world-class lithium-polymer technology, our Power Bank is surprisingly lightweight and easy to tote. A multitude of safety features prevent overcharging and overheating, removing the anxiety of travelling with your favorite gadgets. At the airport or in the great outdoors, never again worry about straying too far from an electrical outlet.

To check out more about new product line and Oxygen OS from OnePlus view this article.




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