Why I am not Switching to NOTE 9

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Ok, it seems like with Note 9 Samsung really dont care about innovation and actually there overall mobile phones segments. For those who dont know smart phones market is declining for Samsung and overall in smartphones industry margins are shrinking. 

It seems like Samsung is letting other Chinese rivals to take care of mobile business and they are after other things like semi conductors and other parts of huge Samsung company.

But for me its does not matter if Samsung make more money or less today in mobile phones sales. What all I care about is do I get enough or right value of my Money. Here are 5 reason why I am not upgrading my phone from Note 8 to Note 9. 

Here are some reason why I am not Switching to Note 9

Lack of innovation

Juice of innovation is missing in Note 9

There is simply no innovation in this new feature in this new flagship and the most expensive phone Samsung sells. I mean Note devices are always famous for their S pen and just adding bluethooth functionality in the pen just does not makes it most innovative device on the earth. 

Even Bigger size

Size matters

Yes, when the device is that big which already touching the limits between mobile and tablet every single millimeter does matter. Note 9 is bigger than Note 8 and the worst is it’s wider. I don’t mind thicker device to gain some more battery time but not wider. I believe Note 8 is in the sweet spot when it comes to its size. 

161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 mm (6.37 x 3.01 x 0.35 in)

Bigger battery but not enough 

Its not enoght

Its only 4000 mAh battery in Note 9 compare to 3300 mAh in Note 8. I am using Note 8 for last 6 months and its has been so much difficult to keep up with one full day battery life. I have to charge in my car when I am commuting to office and home and also at night. Its pity with such a productive device you have to be careful with battery usage. With Note 9 I believe this story will not change as those who has note devices they use it all day long for productivity. Many times they ditch there tablets and laptops and I dont think so only 700 mAh


Way too much

I believe this price of Note 9 is way too much. There is not a bit difference in Note 8 and Note 9 and if you like to be productive with Note devices then Note 8 is still a very good option and after Note 9 launch the price will slash down. 

These are my reason why I will not switch to Note 8, I would be happy to see your thought in the comments below.  For more details check out detail comparison here 

Probably its worth checking Blackberry keyOne or Blackberry KeyTwo if you are really in productivity. yes you will miss the S Pen but they have many other good features check out here. 

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