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Best app for world biggest city are not some thing other than navigation app. Well only few years ago no one can even imagine how much you can do in big cities when you have all the information in one navigation app. 

Navigation apps are big in New York City, possibly because between the labyrinth of the subway and the constant changes to the 24/7 public transportation schedule, you have to be in the know to get to, well, where you want to go.

Hopstop, of course, is essential, and the MTA Subway Time app is quite up-to-date and accurate. Exit Strategy NYC Subway Map is another app often cited on essential NYC apps lists and for good reason: this app helps you figure out what subway car you need to get on to be closest to the exit you need.

Of course, we cant leave cyclists out, especially with the newly installed Citibikes all around Manhattan. Get There By Bike is an app that tells you what are the best bike friendly routes. As for those with a little more money to splurge, taxi and car service apps like CabSense and Uber seem to be popping up more and more on best app lists as well. If youre walking, Google Maps is generally the way to go.

Other popular NYC apps are, according to NYCGo, Urbanspoon, Yelp, Flixster, and MoMas app.


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