Zagg Slim Book Case and Keyboard for iPad Air

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The Slim Book is light and has great backlighting, but its drawbacks are the loud keyboard and the hinge that holds the two halves together.

The Zagg Slim Book iPad Air Case with Backlit Keyboard is not only one of the longest-named products Ive ever encountered, but also a competent Bluetooth keyboard. It offers backlit keys for late night typing sessions. Shortcut keys let you quickly access commonly used commands on iOS, such as Spotlight search, Siri, media controls, and quick-lock.

Even though I grew fond of the Slim Book during my testing, it had some shortcomings.

Theres no other way to say this: The keys sound hollow. Im not sure if its due to the material that sits behind the keys, or the material the keys themselves are made out of, but the sound as you hammer away on the keyboard elicits the feeling of using a cheap keyboard.

Thats not a fair statement, entirely, as Ive yet to find a single key that shows signs of wear and tear during my time with the Slim Book. With each keypress, the key has little play and pops right back into place the instant the keystroke is completed.

The size and spacing of the keys are par for the course when it comes to a tablet keyboard. Theres nothing that makes the layout standout, nor is there something to find fault it.

Bluetooth keyboards that double as cases are often ugly, bulky, and serve very little purpose outside of protection. The case included when you purchase a Slim Book is a hard plastic shell that wraps around the exterior of your iPad. It may not be the prettiest case, but its far from bulky and has purpose.

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